Our Story

Eclectic- ideas, style, or taste from a diverse range of sources

Pronunciation - uh·klek·tuhk



At Eklectic, our aim is to seamlessly blend the realms of luxury fashion and streetwear. This fusion is evident in our logos, where the left side exudes a polished, formal aesthetic, while the right side embraces a free-flowing and unconstrained perspective.


Eklectic originated from a young individual with limited financial resources but abundant creativity and aspirations. Envisioning the creation of a clothing line that transcends mere fashion statements, this individual, while skating around NYC, drew inspiration from the diverse array of styles he encountered. His ideas, though simple individually, possessed a distinct taste that, when combined thoughtfully, could convey a powerful statement. Recognizing that his vision was somewhat unclear, he embarked on a journey to refine and share it with the world.


Giving Back

We are committed to making a positive impact by extending help to those in need. With each purchase you make, a percentage goes toward supporting various charity services, and we switch beneficiaries with every new release. Our goal is to inspire others and create opportunities for individuals to embark on their own meaningful journeys.

Welcome to Eklectic